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Greek alphabet pdf

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Greek Alphabet and its Pronunciation. Upper Case. Lower Case. Full name and pronunciation. Α α. Alpha (Al-fuh). Β β. Beta (BAY-tuh). Γ γ. Gamma (GAM-uh). Δ. obey+rude. Punctuation. Comma, period: Same as in English. Raised dot () = Colon or Semicolon. Semicolon () in Greek = Question mark. Syllables. Ultima. Learning to write the Greek letters and how to pronounce them is introduced in this lesson. Mastering the sight and sounds of the alphabet lays the cornerstone.

A Table of Greek Letters. Upper case Lower case In English. A α alpha. B β beta. Γ γ gamma. ∆ δ delta. E. ϵ epsilon. Z ζ zeta. H η eta. Θ θ theta. I ι iota. K κ kappa. Greek letters are widely used in mathematics and other fields of science. pronunciation of the names of the letters between English and most other European. microfilm or any other means without written permission from the author Konstantinos Athanasiou. 1. The Greek alphabet - Το ελληνικό αλθάβηηο. Capital letters.

The Greek alphabet α. Α alpha. (a) β. Β beta. (b) γ. Γ gamma (g) δ. ∆ delta. (d) ε. Ε epsilon (e) ζ. Ζ zeta η. Η eta. (h). ϑ, θ Θ theta ι. Ι iota. (i) κ. Κ kappa. (k) λ. Λ. The Greek alphabet, showing both capital and lowercase letters, is given below. Modifications of a few of these letters may be acceptable, but the ones given.


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