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Kppp internet dial-up tool

Kppp internet dial-up tool

Name: Kppp internet dial-up tool

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KPPP is used to setup PPP (Point-to-Point Protocol) connections. This is most useful for connecting with a cell phone "modem" card these days. It is also use to . Hello, today i took my linux drive from one pc and put it into this one (Windows), to test the internet connection, i booted up in linux (Slackware. With all these tools, to establish a dialup connection, the user has to be . apt-get install kppp, and find it in the "Internet" section of the menu.

Support. Return to Dial-Up Support. To create a new dial-up connection in Unix or Linux with KDE: It may be named "Internet Dial-Up Tool" instead of KPPP. You can accomplish the connection by clicking the network & Internet icon from You should use KPPP dial up tool instead of the control center, as it is faster. It is a modem internet connection tool for the GNOME Desktop. GNOME PPP is an easy to use graphical dialup connection configuring and dialing tool with.

Kppp can make establishing your Internet connection easy -- and easy to modify. in the Authentication procedure of the Dial tab, you can enter that script here. this tool will count the number of bytes to or from your machine on the Internet. The KPPP utility is regulated in the /etc/pam.d/kppp configuration file. That means In some cases, KPPP may also be known as the Internet Dial-Up Tool. 4. Internet dial-Up tool. Crystal × ; 15 KB. 0 references. Nuvola apps × ; 12 KB. 0 references. Crystal Clear app kppp. png.


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